07 August 2009

RICE Thoughts

After 2 intensive events, we manage combine everything together and pull it off! It was amazing to see God working throughout these events. Many preparation leading up to was intense but it was all worth it.

Firstly it was good to see new people join and see how united under Christ we have been and it has been encouraging talking to other peoples!
Durning the Rally night i was doing skit, couldn't see much cause we were at the back of the stage. But it what we heard was funy. So after many months of practicing, it was performed.

That whole 10mins felt like 2 min. It just zoomed by so fast on the night! I was pretty nervous during the UV glow in the dark hands as I had to call out the shapes but the team was awesome! Thou i got a massive shock when we did the word God! I wasn't expecting a masssive cheer from the teens, i was in awe that i nearly forgot to tell the team what to do next. it was just mind blowing and seeing God being glorified through out the night!

Go God!!


Naomi said...

GO GOD INDEED!! XD your glow in the dark thing was amazing!

nat said...

Wow cool pic Jack!