25 August 2009


BLT camp just finished another great time to spend time with God and listen to some great talks. Life continues to roll by me, a day has gone, now half a year and soon another year will have gone by, to be honest. I've wasted one year away...in a sense i am useless!

Neways I started to get back to flying, little bit of problem with FTA and Griffith but hopefully all will be fixed soon enough!

What have I learnt this weekend is the desire of the heart to continue on Loving God, I've drifted, I no longer like serving out of Joy and love but out of duty with bitterness. Not healthy, why because my quiet times hasn't been productive and I am just continuing doing things after things with out slowing down to rest and cater for my ownself! I know the reason for quite some time but nearly really slowed down with things, as things keep building on top one another... the process on how we decided to act is simple, our heart desires for smthing which then our will will act upon it and our mind justifies it.

Do I really love God, at first I thought yes or why would I be a Christian, but I thought about it some more. No I ain't my actions do not fully support that what I do is all for God! Some are selfish reason and some just pure pride, all in all it is an act of disobendience. Pray for changes.....


ZiHam said...

this is really encouraging, keep working at it bro :D

Naomi said...

prayed for you. =)

how was stargazing?