30 August 2009

Lately I been spending time talking to some brothers about their future and how they are going! Its been good and encouraging to hear and catch up with things and talk about Godly conversation rather than crap! Talking about sermons and talk's or books we read or have heard!

Weekend was good, hung out with few of my brothers down the coast just catching up with some sunlight and seafood! It was relaxing day, felt so nice just sitting on the beach staring away into the distant horizon!

Caught up with rlc friends seeing how their life has been these past few months! Sounds not too bad but it was good for a catch up! Bumped in to J who i haven't seen for 2 years the business of the world has attracted him that he doesn't have enough time but nevertheless it was good to see him! So hard to get them to come to church but praying for God to change them as well as my family!