24 March 2011


It was past midnight, it was a quiet and dark night. A man was stumbling along a dark road with only the moon as a light to show him the way. Growing really tired after each step he continues to walk, he doesn't know how long he has to go but he wants to be there soon.

After walking for some time he decides to sit down beside the curb. He thinks to himself, how much longer do I have to go, am I nearly there yet. Or would it be wiser to turn around...

13 August 2010

To go or not.. there so much to consider yet, if i don't go I know i'll regret! Wish it would be easier....

I seriously pray that its your will Lord!

03 August 2010


New Routine to get used to, pretty hard to move into a new routine of life. Can't wait to get used to it, so it won't feel as tired or exhausting!

Current life is during the day is to fly and study, at night is to study amongst juggling ministry to work and family time!
When it comes to study, I barely do cause I generally read and remember ! But this time I have to study or I won't get anywhere! And memorizing air laws to check list! Too much! So far my desk has turned to this! I have never seen myself do this!

Now to another point is I don't mind doing this, because it's what I enjoy. Sure, it can be boring, but it can be so interesting learning new things about flying!

But what about bible reading, is it like this... I realized it is not so! So how can I know more about God, if I don't study and read! Surely if I love God I should be doing exactly as I am with my flying! I have been pushed to read more the bible to other Christian books but sometimes I find it hard to read! But to be a good leader is to be a good reader! But definitely if you love something, you'd wanna find about more about it!

25 July 2010

J Springs

Its that time of the year again, this year my cousin came back from HK and as my 21st gift from last year and this year she gave me a watch!

I been saying at times I need a new watch, as my current watch is really hard to read, especially when I am flying~
J. Springs never heard of this brand, apparently its a sub company off Seiko and the J stands for JAPAN! Japanese Packaging never fails to amaze me~! Thanks for the present cousin!

21 July 2010


As I was cleaning up my CD collections, I stumbled on band I was really into In high school, "Twins". I was really into HK POP and Twins was my favourite! So into them that I went to their concert in HK Dec 2004!
If you're so into a band, you try to get all their CDs and go to all their concerts in your area! So what about God? Is He in every aspect of our lives that you'd want to participate in his sovereign will? Looking back at the CD, its been sitting there since 2004! Just sorta kept like a thing that you put there! Is God just sitting around in life or are you actively trying to seek out everything of His?

If God is your main priority in life, it will be your focus! Putting things you love the most, to things you spend so much time on, like sport, games, facebook to shopping, but you get the jist. Is God above these things?

I was so into Twins, chasing up their albums and spending so much time getting tickets to their concert, yet these things just are now sitting on my shelf, but God's Gift to us is eternal salvation to be with him in heaven. It's value in chasing after God is so much greater than worldly things! Are you constantly seeking out God? Because I know I need to change, because I am so ashamed that I can chase after all these things but for God, it not as great as these worldly things!