27 April 2009

Thoughts on a Reunion

How much time do you spend on your non Christians friends? Or have you neglected them? Personally, I haven’t had enough time to meet up with them! But it so important to, they need to hear about the word of God! My friend and I are now trying to meet up with them more, but during that time when we meet up. We’ll be trying to share our lives and struggles and even somehow tell them a bit about the gospel!

Generally when we have a reunion, there no point, we don’t talk much but it is just really bad. They are just so caught with the worldly things such as drinking having fun, clubbing and so on! It really saddens me! There seems to be no purpose but study and have fun! 

Thus as we try to start this change, I hope that we’ll be able to sow seeds into their lives! So they can come to Christ!


lil one said...

If this were facebook, i'd like this. :) I like how you defined how simply how empty and pointless lives would be without a will to seek God :| study and have fun would be all ey? Sounds depressing. :( How more important it is then for us to persevere with our non-christian friends!!! EVERYONE NEEDS JESUS <3