05 May 2009

Joys of Long weekends

It  has a been a hectic, insane weekend full of events and activities! Started of the weekend on saturday by waking up at 5am in the morning. Why? A bunch of YF guys decided to go for a cruise up to Mt Tamborine! Arrived at the peak to see the wonders that God has created as the sun rose up to cast its rays upon the land!
Later in the arvo went to attend a Jeff and May wedding. Monday went to skirmish vsing BCAC and then Josh's 2st at night! Caught up with a lot of people at these various events, which was really good and enjoyable! 


lil one said...

thumbs up for long weekends, and cold early morning cruises and WEDDINGS!

further thumbs up for this pretty new banner .. it looks like.. peter pan and wendy >_> sort of. I like how it intrudes on the tabs at the top; funky.

Good luck finding more things to amuse yourself with ;) haahaha