08 April 2009


Flight Duration: 0925- 1125 07April2009

Flight Plan: Archerfield-> Gallangowan -> Maryborough -> Maroochydore -> Archerfield

After a year of not being in a small aircraft, I finally hopped back into a cockpit of a Cirrus SR20 as a passenger. It was so much more advanced and a lot faster than what I usually fly, having a crusie speed of 155 knots (288km/h).

I've never flown west or north, got to the city in 2 mins and Somerset Dam in 13 mins. As continued to fly west to find a Town Gallangowan, the view was again amazing! Creation of God just blasted my mind away, such a beautiful place we live in! 

We arrived at Gallangowan, it was a town but consisted of 4 house, don't know how can you call it a town. Turning the aircraft to Maryborough we saw that weather ahead wasn't promising and as we don't have instrument rating, we can't fly into clouds. We choose to divert to Gympie and head back to AF and land for safety reasons! 

Overall I enjoyed the flight, thanks to Jono for letting me come with him. As I was flying, I was given a reminder from God. The path I have choose is hard and tough, but he will be there with me to the end always faithful and changing me through stormy days. 

Just like the plane on a flight, there is a destination to be reached, a certain flight path needs to be followed in order to reach the goal, but things never can be smooth, things can happen unexpectedly or even forewarned.

Like the storm in front of us today, it was stopping us from reaching out destination. We may not be able to reach it, because we aren't ready to face it or there is a lesson to be learnt. Thus we are turned back and need to learn and grow ourselves in knowledge or skill in order to go back and challenge the storm!

Eventually through the power of God, we will reach the end destination as long as you stay faithful, persevere and always depending on Him.

 I am encourage to persevere, Christian walk is never easy but in the end it is promising, Hopefully I be able to continue and staying strong in Him!


Naomimi said...

hey jack, this is really beautiful. and may you praise Him in every storm and wear His armour and battle through with his strength! He will keep you safe and shield you from danger! =)