03 January 2009

Taiwan Memories

The trip has ended and I am back in Hong Kong once again! Gone through a lot of new experience! I don't know what to say, just feeling depressed. I didn't want to get attached to the kids in Yu Chih, but I eventually did!
These kids do mean a lot to me, but I have to trust in God and leave the rest up to him! But I do really pray that God will comfort these kids and look after them!

I have no regrets in using my money on this short term mission trip, because it is worth it! Spreading the gospel to the people, I don't know how many seeds were sown but I really hope God has used us to our full capacity!

Really praise and thank God for having wonderful servants at the Yu Chih church: Vincent, Grace, Sha Yi, Jasmine, Janice and Lily who look after these kids and work so hard for God!

Eunice and Ruth, always helping us out and being there for us! Really thank God for everything!

Really thank God for providing for the team and always being in control of everything. Had a great time with my brothers, really thank them for being patient and spuring me on through the trip!


DoJ~ said...

dude u got all the group shots on YOUR CAMERA AND YOU DIDNT COPY THEM TO MY COMP !


HAHAHAHA typical which photos you chose to post up and who is in those photos :P

Snowz~ said...

we only had one night in taipei, didn't have time, you get in when we are back in brissy! I still need to leech your photos and stuff!

Choi, well they are the kids i care about!

Jamesy said...

Watch out ... CL on the prowl :P

Oi man ... i need/want a copy of my photos aye ... and videos !!

can't wait to come home ~!

AND ... U care about those kids now do ya buddy :P

Naomimi said...

is jack being spadey? hahaha!