26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year [ Australia Day]

Today was supposibly a group social, but in the end it turned out to be a outing organised by Apes! So because the weather was perfect and I haven't been to the beach all this summer, we decided to go to Sufers to swim around!
Later then went to Harbour town to eat at Nandos! I then bought a pair of Havaianas since my slippers started to break...sigh! 

Overall it has been a nice relaxing australia day, Happy Chinese New Year ppls! 


Naomimi said...

speaking of havaianas... mine snapped the moment i arrived at katoomba for our week-long leadership training camp. so thinking i'm doomed walkind around barefoot for a week on rocks and dirt, i headed off to the small town (which is just 1 street) and scavenged through the tiny shops... only to find that the ONLY shoe shop in the whole of katoomba was CLOSED. i almost settled for a pair of "spiky massage slippers" from the pharmacy (how embarrassing that would be!) until i finally found a flimsy pair of $3 thongs (with the australia flag design) at a bargain store. thank God i only had to walk around 1/2 barefoot for 1 day! ^^

happy chinese new year!