28 January 2009

New Phone and New Plan

Today I got myself a new communication device! Since my old plan was costing me heaps, I decided to look for a cheaper one! But unfortunately the cheapest one was from 3G, I hate that shop! I guess with cheap deals, there is a disadvantage... crappy reception!

Even though there is more features in the new phone, I still like my old phone, which is a walkman version W810i. Thou my house is very bad with 3g reception, so if you want to find me Good Luck! 

*yes it looks girly, but it is cheap so I had no choice in colour!*


cindii said...

nah i dont think its girly ..if you didnt say it i woudlnt have thought so

Naomimi said...

i don't think it's girly at all!
YAY 3!! ^^

Anonymous said...

trust me mimi, its girly. its actually bright pink. it doesnt look it in the photo but in real life - its really pink. yes. its girly.

Anonymous said...

but thats ok. pink is the new black. like black was the new white. and white was the new blue. and so forth.