28 December 2008

Praise God!

A little update! We finally finished all the programs for our mission trip but there is still a couple of days to go! So it hasn't ended yet!

Neways spent 5 hrs with the Puli Junior High School Scout Club, can't believe we spent that long!
Really praise God for being in control and looking after everything! At night we did a evangelistic night to the church of Puli. Mikey and Jamesy gave a strong message! Thank God for being a soverign God!


Anonymous said...

That is like the noobiest picture.. mike looks too cool for school!
ping is smiling :D
Ivan is like a womaniser

y are there soooooo many girls?!?!?!??!

DoJ~ said...

for some reason puli scouts has a majority of girls and if you look at the pic closely...u can see that ping and i are both SMILING AT EACH OTHER :P

(='.'=) said...

the lost lovers look!!

Snowz~ said...