16 December 2008


Arrived in Korea at 4am, was so wasted! Traveled on a 4hr journey out into the country to visit a budda statue! then traveled again to the hotel to enjoy soaking in a spa!

Went to Phoneix Park which is a mountain where peoples can skii and snowboard! Spent the rest of the day learning to SnowBoard! At night had korean bbq and stargazed with these huge telescopes!

More snowboarding, finally mastered how to snow board! Wanted to go up to the mountain and snowboard all the way down, but it was so expensive for the ride! Traveled to Seoul after that and went to Lucky Seven Casion, didn't even check my ID!

Shopped around and bought a Tshirt. Went to Everland and played on the newest roller coaster ride, the drop was 70 degrees steep! THAT was fun and i sat in the front row!

More shopping and bought a jacket at the MegaBox, later then was the duty free stuff like geting UGBANG cosmetics and food

Overall Korea was a great experience! LOVED IT!


Wendy said...

sounds like u had so much fun....i want to go to Korea too~T_T....anyway wish u a happy holidays n take care....miss ya

Naomimi said...

did you join a tour with your family?