03 December 2008

First Day in HK!

So today I had to go change my Id card, that took a long time to do! But I won't get my card till 2 weeks time! Later then visited Dad's Relative.

Things to change when getting to HK:

  • First thing is to change the timelag!
  • Switching to Canto!
  • Getting used to the fast pace
  • Learning to walk up and down the stairs of the double deck bus while its moving ie jolting around!
  • Rushing to catch the MTR!
  • Most amazing I always find is sleeping on the transport and waking up at the destination! (because ppls either play ds or sleep while traveling on any transport)
  • Walking many kilometers.. . kekeke

Loving the food here, so cheap and tasty!


FIL said...

have fun in HK jack xD

Naomimi said...

sounds like typical hk... i can never get used to the buzz!!!

annie said...

ur making me cry T_T i want that food!!! :D

Rich said...

JAck! oh mann the food looks gd. i miss hk so much right now hahah

have an awesome trip and stay safe bro!