03 October 2009


Last night I went to see my best mates to have a talk! Firstly I need some time out from various things that had happened yesterday! Not saying what is it but just frustrating but hopefully it will be sorted out soon!

After CiA, I went home got a shower and then headed for Calamvale where he lives, the three of us were talking and just chilling then when we thought to visit P.C. old home that was near by which was just 500m down the road, but somehow it turned out to be a trek.

After walking past his house we were feeling up for a bit of adventure, so we decide to keep walking and see where it will lead us, walked past 2 lil forest looking park which had no lights and started talking about scary stuff as we walked! Through out the trek apart from trying to scare each other, we talked about how to keep staying young at heart and doing all these awesome things like spending time talking and trekking through suburb of Calamvale late at night!

Here is the route we took, pretty crazy trek after a long day at the beach!
Overall it was good for another catch up and discussing how can we help our non christian buddies to come to know Christ! But definately spending time with my mates was good as i was feeling quiet crap and down!


lil one said...

Adventures are awesome! Good work haha