07 October 2009


Peering back into one of my drawers I found my Adidas watch, my favorite watch but no longer able to use it, cause the inside is stuffed. But time is continually moving onwards and never stops, just because its battery runs out! Sometimes I wish it would stop thou!
Looking back to my 21 years of life, have I accomplished much! I don't think so but then again i haven't learnt a lot things yet still don't think I can learn everything in life! Its a constant place of learning, u never stop learning! "So much to learn but so little time" in the book Magician, I guess it the way of life constant learning.

As time is constantly moving I feel I haven't moved cause so many discouraging things...like my stoopid flight school. I keep chasing up when can I fly and their answer is just we are still talking. its been 2 months how long does it need to take! IDIOTS!

I still need to replace my watch since i need one to fly... why did it have to die, my beloved watch T_T.. need to hunt for one any suggestions!