22 September 2009

CiA + Salt Camp 09

CiA +Salt Camp was awesome, God was really touching and moving the teens! Currently still exhausted and tired from running around staying up late at night to do patrol rounds! Overall the weekend was very worthwhile.

Dan spoke about being Captured by Christ, how we are captured by the worldy desires of the world, but we need to be Captured by Christ, for what he has done for us! It was basically good reminders for us! But the teens were challenged, which was good to see! Encouraging to see those being moved and convicted by God, to walk the narrow path!

Spending time with the teens was good, being able to see how their life is and getting to know them more! It been an awesome time for bonding!

Highlight for camp was just purely spending time, having fun, chatting and mucking about with the teens!

Stargazing was definately smthing I did! Took a bunch of teen and went to see shooting stars while chatting and listen to Jay Chou!

Camp was great! But for myself I am thinking whether to continue on with this ministry? I am confused? But definately need to pray about it and ask for advice!

Really encourage to see the teens come to serve Christ and be part of this family!


ZiHam said...

Camp sounds awesome. Btw what causes you to "I am thinking whether to continue on with this ministry? I am confused? "

[t i m m a y] said...

what are you choosing to do if you don't continue your ministry? you need some sort of ministry rite? Still deciding about flying round the world?