06 May 2009

Birthday and 21st

Everyone this year seems to be celebrating their birthday with a bang, considering it is the 21st year that they’ve been born into this world. Yet peoples make so much fuss, why thou?

I was in a 21st party the other night, when a high school sempai asked me, “Why don’t you ever hold parties for yourself and this year is your 21st you should do something and because you don’t do parties I never remember your birthday!”

I said “Nah, not important and don’t wanna organise it.”

She replied “You always organise parties and reunions for your friends but you never organise something for yourself, you should do it just once for yourself!”

We’ll see was my reply.

I don’t know hey, I just like to organise it for my friends because they mean something to me, so I try my best to meet up and celebrate their special day for them, but for me I don’t know. I like to organise it for them but when it comes to me, I don’t want to make it a fuss and organising is stressful at times, so I guess I can’t be bothered doing something for myself which it will stress myself out, hence I guess I never do parties.

Only time I've had a party was in highschool in grade 10 at kurby park organised by harmony and Kevin! 

When technically it is just another number, soon will be my 21st in couple of months! Still we shall see whether there is a party or not!


Steeejei said...

This is why you should understand the culture you live in a little better :P

21st parties are big because historically the age of 21 was the 'age of consent' - the age in which you were allowed to drink alcohol and vote. So it was usually seen as the age you became an 'adult'.

Nowadays 18th parties are just as big for the same reason - you can now vote and now drink. And usually, in Australian culture, sons leave home to 'become adults'.

Joshi said...

You know that some people organise parties and things for themselves, not so they are the limelight, but so they can gather their friends and people they care about together to have fun together.

It really depends what your motivations are mate, and if you are doing it for the sake of others, do it in a humble way, maybe people won't notice it, but God does.

Today's my 21st and to me its just another reminder of how many ppl care for and love me, and its a foretaste of how much God loves us all as His children :)

Patrick said...

Don't be so harsh on yourself bro.
I agree with Josh, its a time to bring together friends who care for you. It is also a time to praise God for blessing you throughout the 21 years of your life. It's awesome to celebrate your birthday... Praise the Lord.