12 January 2010

Saving One's Life - Glory to God

Firstly today I flew by myself into the eastern training area. After being so nervous and everything! I got to fly solo! There was like a free feeling just flying by yourself!

I think God used me very well tonight, I was so tired after ECWC! I got home and found that smthing wasn't right, my neighbor were beside this car shining a torch underneath it. I wounded down my windows and asked" What's wrong?" They just said come Help!

I hoped out and walked over and realized my other neighbor was pinned underneath his car with his upper arm underneath the car tyre! So quickly, I started to go for my car jack in my boot but I couldn't get it out! But lucky my neighbor had a better car jack that you stick it underneath and pump it up. 2 Ambos,1 firebrigade, 1 police and 1 tow truck! arrived within 3mintues. Police then asked me for the account of what happened and wrote it down. Still its a mystery of how did he get himself pinned!

Thanks to God and hope he's safe and well atm! Cops and Firebrigade said Good Job! Feels really good to save someones life! But it was scary cause I didn't want him to die!

All the Glory to God