28 January 2010

Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone, Christ Alone and Glory to God Alone

This year for BLT I have never been this excited and every night compared to the previous years I would play games and other activities but this year I was just always asking my strand leaders question and talking about the theology of the doctrine. Never has it been to exciting and interesting!

I knew the doctrine but never broke it down to bits and thought about it really deeply! The Five Solas.

Grace Alone Romans [3:19-26]

Grace is something we cannot work for it is a gift from god and no matter what we do, God has done everything and we can be certain of that. But in doing so we must understand the total depravity of humans, we are so sinful which separates us from God. And no matter how hard we try our efforts is not us because we are not perfect, it is all God.

How does it affect ministry is all the glory should go to God, never boast of be arrogant of it because we are no better! We are all equal in God’s eyes!

Faith Alone [Romans 3: 21-26 or John 3]

Faith is to believe and trust in God and also that Jesus is our savior. All that is required is to believe this good news with Faith. Faith isn’t just to believe it, more importantly it is a response to what God has done, and it’s all about God not about the strength of your faith. Faith more than just understanding the facts and believing, but is also about the heart which then shows our actions. Faith leads to good works because faith is a response to God for his goodness because he changes our hearts!

When people start to doubt their faith, bring back to Grace and have Faith in what God has done and understand that it and faith will come!

Scripture Alone [2 Timothy]

The Bible comes from God and is God Breath, is divine inspiration, infallible, originally given, supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. The bible is sufficient as it is our daily bread, we should be constantly reading it. Not only does it give us our spiritual feeding but it also the source of authority.

Whatever we understand in should be shaped by the bible. When we teach, it should be from the bible.

Youth ministry danger is that the teens trust the leaders too much rather than the bible! Leaders need to train them to trust in the bible. Because the scripture is the supreme authority of what we believe and how we act. Training people on the scripture no on people!

Christ Alone

Christ turns away God’s Anger and he is enough to save us from God’s wrath. Because he is the perfect Adam yet he is also God at the same time. Thus he could pay the price for our sins and wipe it clean!

All the Glory to God Alone

God has done everything thus all this should be to glorify him!


This is just a short summary of what I have learnt and remembered! Hopefully this will help change me and shape me and the ministry that I do!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am exactly on the same page as you. Even though there are thousands upon thousands of us, it always makes me s happy to fing another child of God. Let me be in your prayers.

-Yoon Misung