09 December 2009


Lifestyle is changing once again.. getting more hectic and I am starting to sleep earlier! Amazing to be honest.
So with family business up and running, things has been good but I have to work there as well meaning I work at 2 places! working about nearly 4 times a week. So feeling really tired not used to working this much yet!

Finally I am flying again had my first flight on Monday on a different aircraft the "attitude" for the plane is a lot different and really more complicated the flaps are mechanical not electrical and it was a work out trying to lower my flap for landing! After 2 years of not flying my instructor said was pretty good that he is signing me up for a theory exam and practical check on Monday for pre area solo >< .... really nervous!

Many other things to come but I'll leave it out till the next post! Have a great week for those who read this!