19 July 2009

Camp + Reflections~

So 4th year at YF camp, it was good waking up to the splendors of God! ie the mountain and the fresh morning air! This year it felt weird but overall it was interesting and challenging.... I must say at this camp, I didn't feel really close to God. Had a really awesome speaker: Peter Ko.

Usually at camp my quiet times would be really peaceful and feel his presense really calming me but it just isn't there this year...I know he hasn't left me be cause he is a faithful God, thus meaning there is smthing wrong with me...sigh.

Couple of things I learnt out of the talks from Peter Ko was like how heaven isn't where we get picked up by angels or clouds and lifted up to the Sky, but its actually the new creation being brought to this earth! So what we are all working towards is bring the new creation to this Earth. So whatever we are doing God has put us there for a purpose.

Another thing is lately I've been feeling distance from God due to my feelings and stuff, I am pretty emotional and rely on feeling to much. But I should be focusing on the facts of what God has done, focus on that all what God promised has been brought true and He sent his Son to be the ultimate perfect Adam. Don't rely on feelings but dwell in to the facts which bring about faith which brings about feelings. Something i need to learn because I use my feelings a lot.

Another thing which hit me hard was the question, " If I had one year left what would I do?" I said I would drop everything and do more mission work and what not. But it shouldn't be the case, everyday I should be doing these things already, my life shouldn't be any different. All my work should be working toward to glorifying God.
Peter words was he hoped that when we go back to our reality was "I hope nothing has changed in ur life but your mind has changed from this camp".

It was good message, still trying to find my passion once again!

P.S. I missed stargazing, it was pretty seeing the shooting stars!


Naomi said...


i'm so jealous you got to see shooting stars. i was waiting outside by myself in the freezing cold for like an hour last night waiting for one. i think i still haven't ever seen a shooting star before. =(

little one said...

wow! I was talking to jo the other night and i said exactly the same thing! I said.. i dunno.. the camp and everything hs been great.. but.. usually i get a feeling of such closeness to God.. and i don't feel anyhting at this camp :(! Which is weird, cause there was nothing wrong with it at all. I really like how you realize how much effect your emotions affect you and how resolute you are in to paying attention to it and wanting to change it. I'm the same too, and still working on it. Praise God for his faithfulness, esp. in comparison to our fail faithfulness hahah. Good stuff!