23 March 2009

Weekend Highlights

March's 21st a.k.a Kim
Photo Shoot by BARRY LING
Wasabi vs Unagi 21-29 
Had a great time at March's Birthday party, got to catch up with highschool friends I haven't seen for a long time. 
Major highlight I guess was helping a friend for his portfolio, went to the Power House for a photo shoot. Half way through we got kicked out, but we went to adminstration box and ask why we couldn't take photos. Apparently the dude that kick us out, thought we were doing a commerical. He was saying through the walkie talkie "they got equipments here and a model(kylie)". So funny
Then at night we played against our sister church, we did pretty well considering they had massive players! Chilled out at SW's house and talked some really good Godly discussions!