04 March 2009


Problems will always continue to exist, we don't live in a perfect world. It would be great if we did! Everyone in life faces problems everyday, but how well you deal with it is the key! 

Questions that have been troubling me a lot lately

Was it a mistake to be a pilot?
Should I have done architecture or something else?
What's happening to my future?
How am I going to live or survive life?

Its all a bunch of question that I don't know how to answer them or how to face them! Feels as if I am running away but I am getting trapped each day by them. To some peoples they don't see a problem but my mind is unsure and all jumbled up to even think properly.


ivatch said...

NO REGRETS MAN!!! It's your passion, go through with it!

Anonymous said...


Steeejei said...

Isn't it good to know that when there are questions we ask that we don't have answers to, there is our God who not only knows the answers, but knows the question before it is asked?

Brother I know what it's like to have graduated from studies and been out of work (for a long time). It was a difficult time for me as well. One powerful thing I was reminded of during that time was that my identity was not wrapped up in what I did, where I worked or how much money I had... it's wrapped in Christ alone - and because of that, no matter what your situation, your identity does not change.

Eph 1:3-14

Praise be to God :)

Will be praying - in the meantime, there's plenty of good coffee around our place :)

billy said...

def not architecture man, why would you wish such a thing...

on a serious note, trust God. use your skills to serve Him with your whole heart. focus on Him, and be joyful whether you end up flying for some mining airline, or Qantas, or not at all...

keep at it bro