03 August 2010


New Routine to get used to, pretty hard to move into a new routine of life. Can't wait to get used to it, so it won't feel as tired or exhausting!

Current life is during the day is to fly and study, at night is to study amongst juggling ministry to work and family time!
When it comes to study, I barely do cause I generally read and remember ! But this time I have to study or I won't get anywhere! And memorizing air laws to check list! Too much! So far my desk has turned to this! I have never seen myself do this!

Now to another point is I don't mind doing this, because it's what I enjoy. Sure, it can be boring, but it can be so interesting learning new things about flying!

But what about bible reading, is it like this... I realized it is not so! So how can I know more about God, if I don't study and read! Surely if I love God I should be doing exactly as I am with my flying! I have been pushed to read more the bible to other Christian books but sometimes I find it hard to read! But to be a good leader is to be a good reader! But definitely if you love something, you'd wanna find about more about it!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog jack.. first time in 10 years. ;-)

Naomimi said...

reading the Bible is just one way to know God and love God more. :)

Naomimi said...
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himynameisbecki said...

good luck with the studying!

Judah, Praise, Israel said...

I know exactly what you mean sometimes actually sitting down and just getting it done (reading) is so tough!

I get distracted really easily by everything else, and sometimes the christian authors just dont do it for me either.

Awais Ali said...

Worth a read..!

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