28 April 2010

Sitting in my room... reading some quality books and sermon~ Brought me thinking about my weakness... things I couldn't trust God to handle with.

But then that takes me back to my pride once again.. why can't I let Him have it, why can't i just give it too him to look after! Is it cause I don't trust God with it, that i want to do it for myself. I wish I had a stronger Faith in him... where is my Faith, why isn't it stronger!

All of a sudden this problem seem to be chewing me up and saddening me~ Yet I do pray that I can hand everything that I am to Him!


swati said...

hey there! whatever you have written is a fact.. and you are not the first one who is going through such feeling. indeed we all are.. we all love our own selves more than any other person no matter how much we claim we don't, which is why we love our weaknesses as well and therefore it is hard to let go of them..

SinnerSaved said...

hey there! i love ur blog... go check mine out- its nice to see another God-Chaser on here :)