31 March 2010

Past Memories~

Tonight I dug up a lot of old memories~

Pictures from 2003 till 2005: My High school life! Seeing how I've changed and just reviewing back how stoopid some of the things but, I guess its made me who I am~

Reading through my msn chats that was quite interesting.... hahaha! Though some were quite depressing and sad at the time.. but looking at it now... why on earth was i like dat, so want to hit myself but hey....

Even dug up the songs I used to listen to... why is it all love songs and depressing love song~ hahahaha

Now storing all these things on my hard drive rather than a CD which could be gone and memories will disappear!

Memories continue to gather, weather it be bad or good. it will still be with you and alter how you do things!

Think in Reality not in Dreams~ was my favourite statement back then!

Really miss the days of Highschool~