29 June 2009

Let me once again dream~

What can I say...in 2 days I'll be gone from Brisbane, leaving my worries and problems behind for couple of days!

It the best feeling, to actually have a break, free from worries and just really have a quiet time with God. Some ppls say you have quiet time everyday neways but I mean time where you don't have to face your problems and really think about it!

For me anyways each time i go to somewhere else that is not in my normal surrounding, the quiet time seem more thoughtful since i don't have to rush to the next busy thing in my life!

Come back refreshed and with a sense of direction again... so confused about many things! Can't wait to wake up and go for a stroll in darling harbour when the sun rises in the morning..best feeling it will be!


Anonymous said...

WHAT! STOP LYING! you're going to party at a JAY CHOU CONCERT!!!

ZiHam said...

escaping the problems is one way of solving it...but a better way is talking about it :D

Have fun with JayChou!